Gourmet Deep Fried Turkey Seasoning

Recommended Deep Fried Turkey Seasoning While previously we had “Dave’s Gourmet Deep Fried Turkey Seasoning,” that product is no longer up for sale,  so in place of it, we now recommend “Sylvia’s Soulful Seasoned Salt” which is a seasoning that you can also use for ALL your fried turkeys. It… Read more“Gourmet Deep Fried Turkey Seasoning”

Need a Turkey Deep Fryer Kit?

Browse the Deep Fryer Kits Below We recommend the Bayou Classic brand for frying your turkey…. Features: 32-quart fryer for turkey, chicken, and more Steams, boils and fries seafood, poultry, vegetables, tamales Polished stainless steel for optimal durability and easy cleaning Strongest perforated basket on the market, for even steaming… Read more“Need a Turkey Deep Fryer Kit?”