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Mention soul food, and it invokes memories of a table piled high with good home cooking on Sunday afternoons and holidays with your family gathered around a table – talking, laughing, arguing, and just having a plain old fashioned good time being together. Soul food goes hand in hand with that warm feeling of comfort you get when you think about those times.

Slaves families would gather after long hard days in the fields or at the house for meals that nourished the body and soul. And it was during these times that family history was told and the slaves socialized. And so this is how soul food had its origins – with the slaves gathering around and fellow-shipping over their “make do” meals.

This is why it is often also called southern cooking/food. But for African Americans, it is more than just the food, it is the sense of belonging and the comfort of fellowship shared over a good meal, and not just the traditional southern cuisine.

This is why you will find traditional soul food as well as many other no so traditional dishes here. Because soul food is more than just about the food, it is the feeling that goes along with the food. And some would like to think of it as even an uplifting, spiritual experience!

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  • Traditional Soul Food Recipes – Enjoy all your favorite traditional soul food recipes. Find recipes such as smothered chicken, red beans and rice, hot water cornbread, and more.
  • Low Fat Soul Food Recipes – It’s hard to stay healthy in a fast food world when you’re always on the go. Now, you can can enjoy low fat versions of all your favorite soul food recipes without all the extra calories.
  • All Other Recipes – Find other recipes that not traditionally considered soul food. This section includes a variety of ethnic recipes, specialized recipes and more.
  • Cooking Articles – Some cooking articles, with a couple of recipes in there as well.
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